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My home location (G8APZ) is in Brentwood, Essex - locator JO01DO - about 40Km north-east of London. I am QRV on most of the the VHF/UHF/SHF and Microwave bands up to 24Ghz; using SSB and WSJT on 144Mhz and mainly SSB on the other bands. I have been licensed since 1966.

144Mz - 400W +11el
432Mhz - 100W +21 el
1296Mhz - 10W +55el
5.7Ghz - 10W +90cm dish
10Ghz - 10W +90cm dish
24Ghz - 2.7W +33dB lens horn

From my second home in France I am QRV as F1VJQ - locator IN95OL - in a small hamlet near Mortagne sur Gironde. I am QRV on 144Mhz and use WSJT for Meteor Scatter and some SSB from there mainly during the summer months. If there is any E's then 50Mhz is sometimes used. My next activity from IN95 and IN86 is highlighted in red.

50Mhz - 50W + 5ele F9FT
144Mhz - 400W + 17ele F9FT (ODX on E's 3290Km) (2008 antenna I0JXX 12 ele)

2007 - DXpedition to the Ile de Noirmoutier
IN86 - IOTA EU-064
NEXT DXPED IN86 >>> 10th - 14th September 2008
14th September/17th September 2007

The 2007 144MHz log is on this site, and although I have tried to retype it very carefully, there may be one or two typos! Please let me know if you find any. Further details are on the IN86 DXpedition page

Ile de Noirmoutier IOTA logo

2006 - DXpedition to the Island of Porquerolles
JN32 - IOTA EU-070
27th October/4th November 2006

The expedition was a complete success in every respect. We set out to put JN32 on the map, and I think we can say we have achieved that objective! Further details are on the JN32 DXpedition page

Island of Porquerolles IOTA logo

2005 and 2006 - DXpedition to the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall, UK
IN79 - IOTA EU-005
August 2005 and August 2006

I made several DXpeditions to Cornwall, South West England, where I operated at the Marconi Wireless Museum station GB2LD on the Lizard peninsula (IN79) using mainly Meteor Scatter. In 2006 I also took some 5.7Ghz and 10Ghz equipment, but IN79 is a long way from anywhere on microwaves! You can check the 2005 log here, or the 2006 log here. Check here for more details of the activity.

2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 - Activity from France
NEXT ACTIVE IN95 >>> 8th July to 8th September, 2008
Summer 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

At my French home in IN95 with some friends, we were mainly QRV on 144MHz Meteor Scatter. In 2006 we did some EME and in 2007, this was the mode which we concentrated on. There are some details, and the logs for all activities on the F1VJQ page.

1982 and 1983 - DXpeditions to Andorra
AC square!
June 1982 and July 1983

A group of eight of us mounted these DXpeditions, and we operated as C31XV on 50MHz, 144MHz, 432MHz, and C31YR on HF. The station was located on Pic Maya. The 1983 DXpedition used 4 Tonna antennas for EME. You can check the logs by clicking the C31XV link above..

Adnams SSB Bitter - for when the MS is slow!

This is what keeps me going when the MS gets slow!! Adnams SSB Bitter.

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