DXpedition to Andorra - C31XV and C31YR

The main members of both DXpeditions in 1982, and 1983 were G4EZP, G4FUF, G4NNS, G4SVG, and G8APZ.

The 1982 DXpedition focussed mainly on 144Mhz Meteor Scatter, but we also used SSB/CW for FAI and Tropo. We operated on 432MHz on request. In 1983, we returned with 144MHz EME CW capability and also used MS, FAI and tropo propagation modes. On the 1983 DXpedition, we also used SSB/CW for MS and E's on 50MHz.

All QSL cards received from our activities in 1982 and 1983 have been replied to. Those which arrived direct were answered direct. Those which arrived via the bureau have been answered via the bureau. There were many stations who perhaps did not know the QSL route, and therefore never sent a QSL card. I still have the logs for both stations, so if you still need a card, then I suggest that you send one to G8APZ direct!!

73 Robin


C31XV 1982 Log for 144MHz MS/FAI/Tropo and 432MHz Tropo
C31XV 1983 Log for 50MHz MS/Tropo and 144MHz MS/FAI/EME/Tropo

QSL route

QSLs for C31XV or C31YR may be sent direct only (please enclose a return envelope) via G8APZ (QTHR). See the qrz.com entry for G8APZ.

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