IN95 square - July 2004

F1VJQ (G8APZ) and a few friends operated on 144Mhz and 50Mhz during July 2004.
We were based in a small hamlet in Charente-Maritime (Departement 17), near to the town of Mortagne-sur-Gironde.
We used WSJT/CW/SSB and had QSOs via Es / Tropo / and Meteor Scatter


50Mhz all modes == F1VJQ
144Mhz MS (WSJT) and Tropo == F1VJQ and F/G8APZ
144Mhz Es (SpE) and Tropo == F/G4FUF & F/G4EZP

Dates of operation

8th July 2004 (morning) to 21st July 2004 (evening)

Our logbook entries

The status of all of our QSOs is reported on this website on various pages. All QSLs have been sent out either direct or via REF bureau.

F1VJQ 50Mhz Log
F1VJQ and F/G8APZ WSJT/Tropo 144Mhz Log
F/G4FUF Es/Tropo 144Mhz Log

QSL route

QSLs for F1VJQ may be sent via REF Bureau or direct (See below)
QSLs for F/G8APZ, F/G4FUF, F/G4EZP may be sent via RSGB Bureau or direct (See below)

If you QSL direct, please enclose an IRC and a return envelope - QSL via G8APZ (QTHR). The address is on under F1VJQ.

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