IN79 square - August 2005 and August 2006

I was QRV from IN79 square on 144Mhz during early August 2005 and 2006 and operated from the historic Marconi Lizard Wireless station using the callsign GB2LD. The main objective was to work on 144Mhz meteor scatter, but I also worked SSB tropo from time to time. A number of stations asked for 70cm, 6cm, and 3cm and in 2006 I tried to accomodate these requests. I operated these bands as required.

Activity was mainly be WSJT 441a on 144Mhz for meteor scatter, but also SSB for Tropo, and occasionally WSJT JT65b for EME when the moon was close to the horizon.

As these DXpeditions were a one man effort, I needed to adjust my operating periods to allow me to be QRV at the most effective times but I did need to have time out for rest, beer, food and sleep! My main MS QSY frequency seemed to have at least two other DXpeditions on it, so I had to decide on my frequency from day to day.

All QSL cards received for GB2LD for my activity in 2005 and 2006 have been replied to. Those which arrived direct were returned direct. All other QSO's in the log have been QSL'd via the RSGB bureau.

73 Robin (G8APZ/F1VJQ)

Date:8th August 2006 - 14th August 2006
Modes:SSB, WSJT 441a, WSJT JT65b
QRG MS:144.370 and QSY freq - FSK441a
Propagation:Tropo, MS, EME
Equipment:IC-275H + 400W + 12el. M^2
Modes:SSB, FSK WSJT 441a
QRG:432.200 SSB and 432.357 - FSK441a
Propagation:Tropo, MS
Equipment:IC-475E + 100W + 21el F9FT
QRG:5760.100 and 10368.100
Equipment:IC-275E + 10W + 90cm dish

QSL route

QSLs for GB2LD between 6th August and 14th August 2005 and 8th August and 14th August 2006 ONLY may be sent via RSGB Bureau or direct

If you QSL direct, I would appreciate a return envelope - QSL via G8APZ (QTHR). The address is on under G8APZ

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